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German WWII Army Enlisted M43 Hat

Price:  $650.00
Item #35585

Original era manufacture. The iconic hat of the German Landser of WWII. Feldgrau wool construction, with a later war pattern cotton embroidered insignia hand stitched to the front of the hat. The insignia is a proper replacement, as a previous owner had machine-sewn another emblem to the front of the hat at some point, as you can seen the removed stitch marks in the lining. Now it looks as it should. Gray rayon lining with a stamped size mark of 57, and a RB number below. Matching gray rayon "pulls" under the ear covering on each side of the hat. On the rear top of the hat is a tear which penetrates body the cloth of the hat and lining, the tear measures about 15 mm in length, and is shown opened up for the photograph, it is more of a slit when displayed. The hat is quite clean, with very minimal mothing.

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