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German WWI Rifleman's Trench Shield, Field Recovered, Restored

Price:  $450.00
Item #40454

Original era manufacture. Heavy steel plate, curved outwards at the sides, with a horizontal slot, offset, with a sliding cover. The obverse displays a very nicely done camouflage paint scheme, which has been aged to match the pitted finish of the steel. It looks great, but is not of the era. In the upper right corner is a hand painted emblem of a Prussian Guards unit.

The reverse displays the true finish of the shield, showing an even steel patina finish, with pitting and pocking from decades of being exposed to the elements. The movable observation slit cover works just fine, moving easily by the touch. The steel prop leg has long since gone.

A wonderful display item from the days of World War One. Measures 17 x 23 inches, weight is 35-40 pounds.

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