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German Pattern 1867 OYV Waffenrock, 2nd Garde Grenadier Regiment

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $750.00
Item #38229

Original era manufacture. Dark blue wool bodied waffenrock, manufactured without a rear skirt vent as the later production waffenrocks are, post 1895. The collar is not as tall as the later models, big wide shoulder straps with thick black/white twisted piping for a One Year Volunteer , and large, 25 mm brass closure buttons.

Simple white cotton muslin lining with the typical pockets in the rear skirt. Red wool cuffs, with a blue wool Brandenburg style vertical panel with red/white cotton litzen which were introduced circa 1874 or so.

There is a repaired section under the right armpit as shown, no real moth issues to report, just a small bite here and there, all of the original buttons are in place save for one, which is in one of the tail pockets.

I purchased this tunic about five years ago from an auction in Missouri, part of an estate of a longtime collector in that area. When I received it, I gave it a good going over and found an old Wallis-Wallis auction tag from the UK in one of the pockets.

I added the tunic to our own collection as I felt there was a very strong possibility that it may date from the Franco-Prussian War, a time of great collector interest to me. It was posted for discussion on the website Pickelhaubes.com, and those results can be viewed here. http://pickelhaubes.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5740&hilit=waffenrock

In my honest opinion, I feel this tunic does indeed date from the 1870 period. The blue wool cuff panels are of a different material than the body of the coat, replaced when the cuff litzen were added after 1874 and the new regulations. Further, there is a fade line on the right cuff next to the blue panel, further proof of a replacement at some point. 

These old tunics enjoyed a very long service life, were modified and updated as the regulations changed, and minor repairs were done to keep them in service, like the armpit repair on this one.  In our collection, we have an 1871 dated waffenrock, issued to the 10th Foot Artillery. An issue tunic with clear markings and date stamps for a regiment raised in 1871. It too has been modified over the years, by having a skirt vent cut in to comply with the 1895 regulations.

However, the best that can be said regarding this OYV tunic, is that it is a best guess scenario, without the magic issue and date stamp inside the lining, all is conjecture. Offered now for sale during a closet clean-out to fund new collection purposes.         

Good Collecting..

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