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German M1860 Enlisted Pickelhaube, Unit Marked 61st Infantry Regt.

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $1850.00
Item #22827

Original era manufacture. This is a solid example of the enlisted helmet as worn by most German infantry units during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. This model continued in use after the adoption of a simplified (and cheaper) pickelhaube in 1867. The helmet is as purchased at the 2011 SOS show with the exception of a proper wappen which we purchsed and installed on the helmet. The later pattern wappen (which matches perfectly patina-wise) is included in the price. There is an old repair at the very front of the visor trim and the original large pattern kokarde (worn as a single at this time) has had its center area painted red at some point. Proper looped/stirrup type attaching nuts hold the assorted fittings in place including the wappen. Clear unit marks on the rear neckguard of 11C61JR (11th Company (Fusilier Battalion) 61st Infantry Rgt (8th Pomeranian). The helmet is quite stout and solid showing normal 140 plus year age. The only reason we offer it for sale is we have another 1860 helmet marked to the same regiment and a new purchase of items for the collection necessitates its sale.

During the War with France in 1870 the 61st Regiment commanded by Colonel Weddell initially served with the Field Army under General von Manteufel, II Corps, 4th Division, 8th Brigade. Its most notable service ocurred during the month of January 1871 where it was engaged in the following battles and skirmishes, Talant, Fontaine, Les Dijon, Messigny and Pouilly. In addition the 61st served during the Siege of Metz until October of 1870. During their service the 61st endured the loss of 125 killed and 380 wounded. Sound examples of 1860 pattern helmets are difficult to find, acquiring one with a reseachable unit history is a gigantic plus in our book.

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