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German Imperial Era, Regimental Pipe, 14th Pioneer Battalion, 1900-02

Price:  $275.00
Item #42118

Original era manufacture. One of the classic souvenirs of a typical German soldier who completed his mandatory active service time in the Imperial era.

Porcelain pipe bowl, with three dimensional decoration of acorns and oakleaves on the sides. Pickelhaube bowl cover, with a roster on the reverse of the man's comrades in Pioneer Battalion number 14.

Intricately carved wood and horn stem which measures 39 inches in length. Brass Pioneer emblems and the number 14 on the square shaped block at center. There is a flexible, cloth covered stem which attaches to the mouthpiece, it is basically sound, however there is some wear to the body of the stem. The large circular piece of antler, slips up and down on the stem, overall the old pipe is really quite nice.

No cracks or chips in the porcelain pipe bowl, a really attractive decorative piece, 115 years young.

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