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German Imperial Era, Post 1888 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword, Weyersberg Mfg

Price:  $495.00
Item #37864

Original era manufacture. An early pattern sword, with the 1888 modification of a folding guard on one side. This is an army property sword, as a crown W 88 can be seen on the spine of the blade.

The polished steel blade measures 33 inches in length, running straight and true, no major corrosion issues (just a touch near the point), or nicks in the cutting edge. Gilded brass guard and pommel, with a silver wire wrapped grip.

Black leather bodied scabbard in good repair, with brass throat and chape. The blade does not quite fit inside the scabbard, leaving a gap of 1/4 inch between the scabbard throat and bottom of the guard. It appears to be proper length when laying the blade next to the scabbard, likely there is some debris in the bottom of the scabbard causing the gap.


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