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German. Austro-Prussian War, Medal Document, Signed By Prince Friedrich Charles

Price:  $450.00
Item #43319

Original era manufacture. This is another grouping from our own collection. No worries here, we are both fine, but like most of us when new items are purchased for the collection, other items must go to help defray the cost.

This particular example is a composite grouping I assembled, with the idea of getting it all framed up for display one day. Well, one day never came, so now it is placed here for someone else to enjoy.

The lot includes the document for the 1866 Campaign Medal, made from captured cannon, and signed by the commander of the 1st Army, Prince Friedrich Charles.

A period Carte de Visite image of the Prince, with a Berlin photographers backmark.

A great looking example of the 1866 Campaign medal complete with its original ribbon bar and suspension pin.  

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