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French, 3rd Republic Era, Alphonse de Neuville Water Color, Framed

Price:  $495.00
Item #39819

Original period artwork. I purchased this work, and another by Eduard Detaille from EBAY about 7-8 years ago. The Detaille I kept for my own collection, but just couldn't find wall space for this guy. So, it has sat on the floor in my office, leaning against a display case this entire time. Other more pressing purchases are in the offing for the collection (we all tell ourselves this don't we) and some well-loved purchases have to go out to help pay for the new.

The image is of a French cavalry bugler of the post Franco-Prussian War, it is from the time of La Belle Epoch, the beautiful era, of French militaria and culture. The subject is painted on textured paper measuring 11 x 9 inches, and is framed in a mid century gilded wooden frame with a paper backing, and art dealer tag from McCaughen & Burr of St. Louis. This art and framing company has been in business in St. Louis since 1840, and is the oldest art gallery west of the Mississippi. The address tag is without a zip code which was introduced by the US Postal Service in 1963, and the gallery has not been at this address since the 1950's.

Alphonse de Neuville 1835-1885, a French Academic Painter, whose work is renowned with examples in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the Hermitage Collection at St. Petersburg.

There are nicks in the edges of the frame, but the image colors are strong and clear.

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