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US WWI M1912 Pistol Belt, Holster & Sword Hanger

Price:  $250.00
Item #41611

Original era manufacture. A very nice condition pistol belt rig, which consists of the following; M1912 Pistol Belt with loop for a sword hanger, a 1917 dated M1911 Pistol Holster by Warren Leather Goods, MILLS 1918 2 pocket magazine pouch, and a pair of russet leather sword hangers.

All of the components match one another condition-wise, strong color to the belt fabric, which is maker marked and 1918 dated on the reverse side. The holster is very nice, with a clean finish to the leather, is not crushed or broken, with no dry rot in evidence. The magazine pouch is mint, unissued, and still has the instruction paper in one of the pockets. The sword hangers are pliable, again with a nice surface finish to the leather, with darkened brass fittings throughout.

All you need is a bandage pouch and bandage, and, your M1911 pistol and you are ready to go.   


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