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US WWII, USMC Camouflage Helmet/Mosquito Net

Price:  $30.00
Item #24801

Original era manufacture. Introduced during WWII, these saw service with the USMC up through Vietnam. Often referred to as a Sniper Veil, these are more likely to be the more prosaic, but still very useful, mosquito net.

In either case, they are the least expensive (for now) WWII USMC helmet cover on the market. We have listed a bw photo of this pattern of cover in combat use. The seated figure is Colonel Evans Carlson, of Carlson's Raiders fame, on the island of Tarawa in November of 1943. He is wearing this pattern of helmet cover, clearly defined by the strip of foliage material around it's circumference. 

Helmet is used for display only and is not included with the net.

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