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US WWI, Early Production T-Handle Shovel & 1917 Dated Cover

Price:  $135.00
Item #41888

Original era manufacture. This is one of those odd, military pattern, T-handle shovels which has yet to be positively identified. We have owned several examples of this pattern in the past, so they are out there to be found.

Standard length T-Handle Shovel, with an open end on the revese side back of the blade. The shank of the blade is US marked, struck on a diagonal, instead of the normally seen straight style.

The shovel has a post production OD paint finish overall, exhibiting minimal use since repainted, the T handle turns in its metal collar.

A very clean 1917 dated canvas carrier with strong colors and no dry rot. A previous owner did a nice job inking a three letter initial on the front of the cover above the US. Wanting to make it absolutely certain that the cover could be identified as his, he placed a different initial design on the opposite side.    

Who knows why, once the cover and shovel are attached under the meatcan pouch on your 1910 knapsack you can't see the ink thankfully.


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