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US Late 19th, Early 20th Century, Doctors Brass Microscope, Bausch & Lomb Mfg

Price:  $295.00
Item #36520

Original era manufacture. Purchased as part of a local estate, is this well made, all brass microscope in its fitted wooden case. It is quite heavy, appears to be all there, and comes with its original fitted case of mahogany.

Evidence of an old cleaning is visible, with scattered spots of dried brass polish throughout. Someone evidently gave it up as a miserable job, and with a little determination and elbow grease, this wonderful old precision instrument could be made beautiful again.

All of the knurled knobs, pivoting lenses and mirrors operate as they should, nothing seems to be missing, but I have not made an attempt to view through it to examine any bugs from the backyard. There are extra lenses and other gadgets in the small wooden box tucked up into a corner of the wooden case, and another one in its own heavy cardboard box.

It's heavy, but shipping will not be a problem.

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