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US Civil War, REPLICA, 13-Tube, Blakeslee Pattern, Spencer Cartridge Box

Price:  $295.00
Item #41999

Original era manufacture. A very well made replica, which we feel dates back to the 1980's, and is of service quality and construction  

Produced for use with the Spencer Rifle and Carbine, and carrying 13 metal tubes of ammunition.

Heavy quality, black bridle leather with white hand stitching, and a brass hinged top. There is a sectioned, and drilled wooden block which keeps the metal tubes in place.

Riveted and sewn loop on each side, which a heavy quality black bridle leather shoulder strap.

The pouch exhibits minimal use and wear, likely used for display during the reenactor's career.

With original examples selling for multiple thousands of dollars (if you can find one), and current, service quality replicas priced around $700, this one is a bargain.

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