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Japanese WWII Type 30 Bayonet, TALW, Rubberized Frog, Cloth Covered Scabbard

Price:  $295.00
Item #41413

Original era manufacture. A great looking Pacific theater Japanese bayonet, with a worn blue denim-like covering to the scabbard body.

Bird-head pommel, contoured wooden grips, straight guard, with a blue finished blade displaying the makers logo for Toyada Automatic Loom Works on the ricasso. The blade is very clean, with no issues beyond normal wear.

Rubberized canvas frog which has stiffened with age, and has been on this scabbard for a long time. The leather securing strap is intact, but brittle and is not looped through the scabbard stud loop.

The most intriguing feature to this interesting bayonet is the blue cloth covering over the scabbard body. It has been there so long that the fabric has almost become part of the metal. Scattered holes and rust stains along its length, but no denting to the scabbard body.   

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