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German WWII, 7x50 Leitz-Wetzlar Aviosept Marine Binoculars & Case

Price:  $395.00
Item #42581

Original era manufacture. A large frame binocular, made by the firm of Leitz-Wetzlar, 7x50, Aviosept model.

The optics are clear, but not in collimation, there is a faint range grid in the right lens, light scattered spots on the glass in both lenses.

Most of the thick lacquer paint finish remains on the frames, and the crinkle finish on the body is intact, the central pivot rod is not loose.

The binoculars come with a set of cheesy black plastic neckstraps, with a matching strap on the leather case. The heavy black leather case is basically sound, having performed its duty well in protecting the binoculars. All of the strap loops are present and unbroken. as are the belt loops, the top securing strap is broken away.

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