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German WWII 6x30 Dienstglas, bmk Code, Leather Case, WaA94

Price:  $195.00
Item #42583

Original era manufacture. A so-so pair of aluminum framed 6x30 Dienstglas in a really interesting, waffenamt proofed leather case. The binoculars are coded bmk, Strb & Stys, Prague.

The bincoculars have a black paint finish to the aluminum body, the lenses are clear, with a range grid in the right side, but are not collimated, displaying a double image when viewed. The adjustable eyepieces work properly, and the central pivot rod works fine.

The black leather case has a 1936 date and a Reichswehr style waffenamt (WaA94) on the front lip. The leather is sound displaying some light surface scuffing, exhibiting pre-war quality throughout. The closure strap is complete and unbroken.  

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