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German WWI Gasmask, Canister & Spare Lenses, 1st Pattern Mask 16

Price:  $350.00
Item #42847

Original period manufacture. A first pattern mask of a rubberized fabric face instead of the more commonly encountered, later-war period leather masks. Size marked 2, the eyepiece lenses are clear, no tears in the fabric and a complete head harness with neck strap.

The steel canister displays typical age and wear from service use, but not severely dented or otherwise damaged. There is a set of extra lenses inside the lid compartment, at this point more for display then for actual use, as they have become brittle with age.

The ersatz cloth shoulder strap is present, however it has broken free of the two attaching points and is now tied off on one, and the other end is tied to the short belt strap. The adjusting buckle is present.

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