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German Pre WWI Prussian Medical Officers Cased Sash & Belt

New Price:  $295.00
Was:  $450.00
Item #33824

Original era manufacture. Nice boxed set of a Prussian medical officers dress belt and buckle, with a Scharpe which can be made into an Adjutants Sash as well. All reside in their original cardboard box with a Berlin retailers name on the inside of the lid.

The box is quite sound for it's age, no issues. Heavy, silver wire Scharpe in the Prussian colors of black & silver with two removable nickeled brass attachments.

Prussian officers dress belt with a blue wool backing and Crown cyphered buckle. There is some mothing on the wool backing and the belt has been wrapped around the central storage oval for so long that it has assumed that shape. The body is a bit stiff, but stretches out flat with no problem. Looks to have had an old glue repair at the base of the leather adjusting strip to adhere the strip to the back of the buckle.

Also included, and in the box when we purchased the set, is this 1915 dated Vivat Ribbon done in green silk with black printed design. Nice old set.   

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