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German Franco-Prussian War Era, Bavarian Pattern Knapsack, M1868

Price:  $395.00
Item #36340

Original era manufacture. A very early pattern knapsack, which as been referred to as Bavarian, Prussian, or Saxon on an online forum. The most likely possibility is a Bavarian pack, model 1868, as the pack has a black leather reinforcement panel stitched to the top 3.5 inches wide at the ends, and narrowing to a 3 inch width at the center. There is a gap, 1 inch from each end where the great coat straps can be inserted, and at top center a 1 inch steel roller buckle which takes the strap for the messkit. All of those features can be found on this pack.     

Nearly all of the original fur covering remains on the pack, as do all of the attaching straps and metal fittings. There is a side pocket on each side for extra ammunition, and a white canvas lined interior. The leather is pliable, and overall the pack is quite sound quite capable for display.

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