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Japanese, Samurai Era, Hand Forged Tanto & Silk Storage Bag

Price:  $895.00
Item #43387

Original era manufacture. This great old knife features a handmade 7 inch blade with a signed tang of three characters. The blade is basically clean with light, scattered clouding to the surface, and a faint temper line. The point is ever so slightly blunted, with some very shallow imperfections in the edge near the point, more felt than seen.

Very decorative pierced iron guard with gilded decoration, with a gilt decorated ferrule. Original grip wrapping with gilded brass menuki, and an easily removed grip peg. The pommel is of carved and polished horn.

Original dark red paint on the wooden scabbard body, of which nearly 100% remains. Being made of two sections, the scabbard has now separated, but should be an easy fix. Decorative metal cover over the scabbard body loop.

There is a an opening for the small knife to slide into the scabbard body, about an inch and a half of that is missing. The side knife has a very ornate grip of darkened copper with gilt decoration. The blade measures 4.5 inches in length, with kanji characters along its length, with scattered staining from cleaned corrosion, and a slight bend in the middle.

Lastly, the knife came with a woven silk bag with floral decoration, lined with black cotton, with a brown cloth cord.     

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