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US Pre WWI, M1906 Cavalry Sword & Belt, ASC 1906

Price:  $595.00
Item #40010

Original era manufacture. Patterned after the US 1860 cavalry sword but with a steel rather than a brass guard. The polished steel blade runs straight and true, with a darkened steel patina finish, no pitting or surface corrosion. The cutting edge is not nicked, and the point is sharp.

The thick leather bumper is in place, the leather covered grip displays scattered surface scuffing, with intact twisted wire binding.  

The scabbard is the 1869 pattern, with the widely spaced suspension rings. It is relatively dent-free, with a dark steel patina finish, a bit rough to the touch in some areas.

Attached to the scabbard at the time of our purchase, is a 1902 pattern garrison belt with period sword hanger. The leather is pliable, but a bit weak in spots.  

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