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US Post Civil War, GAR Women's Relief Corps Membership Medals, 24 Lot, Instant Collection

New Price:  $395.00
Was:  $495.00
Item #38202

Original era manufacture. An interesting grouping of 24 original medals as worn by members of the Women's Relief Corps of the GAR.

Bronze planchets with blue silk ribbons for the most part, many have a patent date on the reverse of 1886. All of them with light blue ribbons designate the position the member held in the organization;

TOP ROW, President, S.V.President, J.V. President, Secretary, Chaplain, Conductor, Asst. Conductor, and Color Bearer, MIDDLE ROW, Musician, Patriotic Instructor, Guard, Guard, BOTTOM ROW,  J.V.President, Secretary, Conductress, Asst. Conductress, Asst.Guard.  There are a few  duplicates as you can see, but not many.

Light age and wear, no damage to report,  a nice lot presenting an instant collection.

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