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US Post Civil War Deluxe M1860 Staff Officers Sword, Kirschbaum Mfg, Silver Grip

Price:  $450.00
Item #38941

Original era manufacture. A beautiful example of a German made post Civil War M1860 Staff Officers sword, bearing the Kirschbaum logo on the ricasso.

The beautiful diamond shaped polished steel blade measures 30.5 inches in length with the retailers name Work Bros.& Co. Chicago Ill appearing on the reverse ricasso, and the Kirschbaum Knights Head logo on the obverse.

The blade displays a gilt, etched design on both sides with the typical patriotic motif's of U.S. and the American eagle. No issues with the blade, it runs straight and true with no corrosion damage.

Very clean gilded brass clamshell guard and pommel with a lock on the reverse side allowing the guard to fold inwards for wear. Ornately decorated cast silver grip with a dark patina, which is bound with an intricately braided double strand wire.

Brightly plated, dent-free scabbard body, with very ornate cast and gilded brass throat, suspension fittings and drag.

This is a presentation grade sword in anybody's money but the original owner, or his family evidently thought they spent enough on the sword, as no inscription, or name appears on the blade or scabbard. A beautiful sword.

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