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US Indian Wars Era, Connecticut National Guard, General Officer, M1889 Forage Cap

Price:  $895.00
Item #35027

Original era manufacture. Chasseur pattern forage cap of dark blue wool, with a lacquered visor and bound edge. Around the base of the cap is a one inch wide band of black velvet, with a gold wire chincord, secured by two Connecticut NG buttons. Hand stitched to the front of the hat is a hand embroidered gold bullion wreath and letters CNG in old English script. The wreath and letters are embroidered on a black velvet oval which has since browned from age. On the four sides of the hat, are seven applied stripes in Russian braid indicating the officers rank, one stripe would denote a 2nd Lieutenant, two stripes a 1st Lieutenant, three a Captain and seven a Brigadier General. On the top disc of the hat are an additional seven stripes, formed into a quatrefoil design. The interior of the hat displays a brown Moroccan leather sweatband, brown polished cotton lining and a brown oilcloth covering to the top disc. No moth issues to report, just light age and wear.

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