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US 1908, City of New York Old Guard, Cased Epaulettes, Gorget & Large Photo

Price:  $275.00
Item #41136

Original era photography and manufacture. A nice selection of relics pertaining to the New York City militia company, "The Old Guard" .

Raised in 1826, and given the name "The Old Guard" in 1868, it has performed military functions and honor guard duties for nearly 150 years.

This lot consists of a large, 14 x 24 inch, sepia photograph of the traditional annual dinner held on the last Friday of January, and dated 1908. There is a diagonal crease on one end, but the photograph exhibits excellent detail.

Pair of beautiful fringed epaulettes in gold wire, with the OG emblem on a red wool base. Rank of Captain. One epaulette is missing one of the bars of the Captain rank.

Lastly, a French inspired gilded brass gorget with a silver wreath and letters OG in gothic script. Original black japanned steel storage case which holds the epaulettes and gorget when not in use.  

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