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US Korean War-Vietnam War Era, USS Wahoo SS-565, Submarine Crew Buckle

Price:  $45.00
Item #41901

Original era manufacture. A souvenir buckle, decorated with a full size set of US Navy enlisted Dolphins soldered to the surface. The buckle remembers the service of a crewman who served aboard the USS Wahoo SS-565, a boat which shared the name with it's famous WWII predecessor, which was lost with all hands off of the coast of Japan in 1943.

The buckle measures 3 inches in length, and is engraved with the name of the boat and the sailor who served aboard her. Normal age and wear.

The USS Wahoo SS-565, was a Tang-class submarine, launched in 1951, commissioned in 1952, and faithfully served the US Navy until scrapped in 1984.

The Tang-class boats were the first post WWII submarine design to incorporate technology from the German Type XXI U-Boats. Two of the class exist today as museum boats belonging to the Turkish Navy.

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