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British Egypt 1882 Medal, Murphy, N/2 Battery, "The Broken Wheel Battery"

Price:  $450.00
Item #36902

Original era manufacture. Dated reverse Egypt Medal, Tel El-Kebir, named to 12509 Bombardier Collar Maker Edward Murphy, N/2 Battery Royal Artillery.

Silver patina finish with minimal contact marks from a Khedive Star, with very light edge wear, and a nice old ribbon 

N/2 Battery gained the sobriquet "The Broken Wheel Battery" supporting the Highland Brigade during the assault on the Egyptian positions at Tel El-Kebir. Their commanding officer ran his guns at the gallop, up and over a low spot in the parapet, with one of the guns becoming stuck fast. A group of the Black Watch came to the crews assistance, and lifted the gun free, only to find one of the wheels broken to pieces. The remaining guns opened a devastating flanking fire on the Egyptians in thier trenches.

Comes with copied medal rolls and research.  

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