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British 19th Century, Full General Rank Tunic, Pattern 1856-1868

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $795.00
Item #38230

Original era manufacture. A beautiful old tunic of vibrant scarlet wool material, single breasted, with black wool cuffs and collar. General officer pattern brocade on the cuffs, collar and rear skirt, with 21 General Officer, crossed sword & baton pattern, large size buttons, and two smaller shoulder strap buttons.

On the left breast of the tunic, are loops for a six inch ribbon bar, and below that additional multiple support loops for a seven inch medal bar, and below three loops for a breast badge.

The body of the tunic is lined in a quilted pattern of white silk, with the tails lined in white wool with two pockets. A thin red Moroccan leather waistband is in place. On each side of the collar are thickly embroidered star and crown, designating the rank of a full General. On the shoulders are two narrow, twisted gold wire cords secured by two small General's pattern buttons.      

The beautifully made gilt finished buttons display the backmark of Jennens & Co. London, without the Prince of Wales Plume added in 1860 by that firm. I was able to check the backs of the closure buttons, they all match, however the cuff and skirt buttons are sewn so closely to the material  I can't get a good view of the reverse. Their obverse is identical, so they are likely the same manufacture.

There is some scattered mothing, most of it rather minor, with the largest and most unsightly being just above the ribbon bar loops. Some of the cuff and collar brocade is coming loose, and several of the collar ornaments are a little loose as well.

Overall the tunic is very presentable, and represents an era of wear from the late Crimean period, through the time of the Indian Mutiny and into the early years of the Zulu campaigns. I would think with a little effort the identity of the original owner could be narrowed down a bit, not too many full General rank officers in those days.    

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