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US/German 19th Century Book, Germany's Army & Navy in Word and Pictures 1900

Price:  $245.00
Item #36822

Original era publication.  A very large format, heavy book printed by the Werner Company of Akron Ohio in 1900. Printed in both English and German, it details the history and organization of the Imperial Army & Navy prior to WWI.

Perhaps its most famous attribute are the 39 beautiful, full color lithographs depicting the Kaisers forces in all aspects. Many of these have been used many times in current books dealing with the subject matter, so many will be familiar to the viewer. All of them are in fine condition, colors are bright, no tears, perhaps a few have a little bumping to the edges.

The spine of the book is gone, and needs to be redone, the cover boards are sound showing wear to the edges. The book measures 13x18x1.5 inches, with the color prints being of the same dimensions.  

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