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US WWII Navy Pilot Grouping, Anti-Submarine Service, Bay of Biscay

Price:  $495.00
Item #41804

Original era photography. This very large grouping concerns the service of a young US Navy aviator, who served in the ETO during WWII. He participated as a navigator and observer in a Navy anti-submarine squadron, which experimented with high-intensity illumination to catch German U-Boats on the surface at night.

For his service, he was awarded the Air Medal, in addition to the other appropriate campaign medals for WWII service. All of the items in the collection are original to the pilot, with the single exception being the Air Medal itself. The family evidently kept all of his medals, but sold the remainder. As the case for the Air Medal was in the lot at the time of our purchase, we have added a WWII Air Medal as a filler at no charge.

The lot includes the following;  named officers hat, at present with a dark blue wool cover, and several extra covers included, assorted insignia, the Air Medal case with ribbon bars, sterling marked officers insignia, gold bullion navy pilot wings and the citation for the award. His original Aviators Flight Log Book, with numerous entries up to September 1945, to include operational flights in the ETO March-July 1944. His United States Navy, Naval Aviator identity wallet with photo and small documents. A large assortment of period photographs, many of them professionally done showing the pilot in an assortment of uniforms and hats (including the aforementioned blue topped hat and bullion wings) including shots of him in flight helmet and goggles. In addition there are numerous photos of our pilot and his  fiancée, including photos of her dressing up in his high-altitude flying gear. She was a good sport.

Lastly, a framed painted canvas squadron insignia, his framed Shellback document, and a large assortment of official paperwork and documents. This is a large lot as you can see from Terri's photographs, will excellent content, with loads of research potential.

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