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US Post WWII Luftwaffe in Arizona Graduation Books

Price:  $65.00
Item #20828

Original era publications. This is an interesting set of two books dealing with the Luftwaffe's Kaktus Starfighter Staffel program in Arizona. The books date from 1976 and 1984 and tell the story of the combined training experience by the USAF and German Luftwaffe at Luke AFB, Phoenix Az. Loads of photos and text in both German and English. This program began in the late 1950's with the first class being composed of famous WWII German Fighter Aces including Gunter Rall and Eric Hartman. The German program was headed by famed LW pilot, Mackie Steinhoff, and on the USAF side, Colonel Robert Scott of God Is My Co-Pilot fame. Solid condition with some minor bumping to the covers. Sold as a set.

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