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German, M1871 Mauser Bayonet & Scabbard, IR 17

Price:  $375.00
Item #43227

Original era manufacture. Polished steel blade measuring 18.5 inches in length, crown proof on the spine with a blurred year date, Coulax & Co. Klingenthal, maker marked. The blade is clean, with scattered spotting and staining, no real corrosion issues, and lightly sharpened for service use.

The S-shaped steel guard is unit marked 17.R.14.63. (IR 17, Graf Barfuss, 4th Westfalian), with a matching unit number on the scabbard throat. Cast brass guard with a steel locking bar, Imperial crown proofs on the pommel.

The black leather bodied scabbard is very sound, the stitching is intact, minor dings and dents to the throat and chape.  

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