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German WWII Luftwaffe Pilot, Photo, Document & Insignia Lot, Died 1940

Price:  $475.00
Item #42198

Original era grouping. A nice grouping to the same individual Luftwaffe pilot who evidently succumbed to injuries, likely flight related, 10 April, 1940.

The lot includes his certificate as a Luftwaffe pilot dated 19 May 1939, four DLV identification booklets, each with his photo, a framed postcard size photo of him in the uniform of a Luftwaffe officer, a DLV membership lapel badge, and a glider lapel badge, a handwritten letter dated 24 February 1940, and the medical officers document, describing his injuries (primarily head trauma) and his date of death.

There is some bug damage to the larger documents, everything else is normal age and wear. A nice complete lot providing a great basis for further research.    

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