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German WWII 6 Piece Medal and Document Set, Norway Station

Price:  $595.00
Item #38527

Original era manufacture. A nice grouping of badges and their accompanying documents, purchased last September during our trip to Germany.

The lot includes a July 1944 award of a Black Wound badge, September 1944 award of the Minesweeper badge, and a March 1945 award of the War Service Cross 1st Class.

The Wound badge document was issued on board, the Minesweeper at Tromso Norway, and the KvK at Bergen Norway.

The documents display typical age and wear, with a repaired tear in the bottom left corner of the Minesweeper document.

The black wound badge is of stamped steel with most of its finish remaining intact, the Minesweeper is a Schwerin made badge, with a period repair to the catch, and the KvK is an early alloy example which has had the surface of the swastika filed down a bit.

A great little grouping with lots of research potential. 

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