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US WWII, USMC Identified Officer Scrapbook & Medal Lot

Price:  $595.00
Item #43558

Original era manufacture. Today being the 10th of November, it seems very  appropriate to offer this lot on the Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

The lot concerns the service of Colonel H.D.Harris (retired Brigadier General) who served in the Corps from 1925-1950, seeing active service in Nicaragua (wounded), and later during WWII, where he commanded for a time the 5th Marine Regiment during the invasion of Peleliu.

The lot includes two large scrapbooks, a presentation scrapbook from the crew of the USS Peleliu in 1980, and a nice selection of extra medals and insignia from his service career.

Of note, the photographic scrapbooks contain several original BW 8x10 autographed portrait photographs of several important field grade Marine & US Navy officers of the WWII era; to include General del Valle, Admiral Turner and more. In addition there are press release photographs of the invasion of Peleliu. There are over 70 original bw photos represented here, all of military content, many of the identified.  

The medals, while part of his estate, are for the most part of later issue, likely obtained by General Harris during his lengthy service, and would have been extras for his use. Included with the insignia, is a USMC dogtag named to him, a matched pair of sterling, pinback full Colonel rank insignia, a WWII 1st Marine Division SSI, a WWII Japanese souvenir medal & navy buckle, and numerous and assorted, ribbons from his service; Marine Expeditionary Medal, Nicaragua Campaign, Purple Heart and more.   

General Harris was a proud Marine, and served our country long and faithfully. It is an honor for us to offer these reminders of his service.   

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