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US WWII Oregon Womens Ambulance Corps "OWAC" Uniform Lot

New Price:  $345.00
Was:  $595.00
Item #30457

Original period manufacture. This Oregon Womens Ambulance Corps "OWAC" lot consists of one blue jacket with a matching color overseas hat with all insignia present. Another set in khaki cotton including one pair trousers, matching jacket and overseas hat, again with all original insignia present. On the sleeves of each jacket are Sgt stripes in Army Medical Corps maroon and white, with matching piping on each hat. The khaki jacket has her Ambulance collar insignia on each collar point.  All buttons are present on the khaki set. One button and cloth waistbelt are missing on the blue jacket.  Both hats have the OWAC insignia. The belt is not included.
This is a rare uniform set and was from the same lady. The khaki set is in near new condition, and the blue jacket shows some wear, mostly in staining under the arms.  They fit our size 4/5 mannequin very well. Sold as a lot...
Jacket has a 32 inch bust and is 23 1/2 inches long
The trousers have a 30 inch waist and are 42 inches long

The Oregon Womens Ambulance Corps
While men also volunteered, it was women who made up for most of the shortages in a wide range of medically related services. Two important examples were the Oregon Womens Ambulance Corps and the expanded role of nurses aides. The Oregon Womens Ambulance Corps described itself as "a non-profit, and non-political organization of intelligent women who have banded together for training in the fields in which women could be most useful in any local or national emergency." The group, which assumed a quasi-military structure, was headed by Colonel Ann Schmeer, while its advisory board was populated by men. The corps accepted female U.S. citizens who were over 18 years old, provided they presented reasonable personal appearance, showed good moral character, and had a drivers license. Mandatory training included military drill, first aid and litter drill, communication (signaling, short wave, Morse code, etc.), motor mechanics, and fire fighting. Members were called on to earn a chauffeur's license as well.(5)

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