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US Civil War Identified M1858 Navy Officers Sword & Scabbard

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $1495.00
Item #26865

Original era manufacture. A true Civil War era sword and named in two places to one John Wykoff Lyon, Acting 3rd Assistant Engineer USN, 25 August 1864-25 June 1866.

Typical Navy officers pattern sword with a Dolphin's head on the quillion and scabbard drag, with fouled rope decorations on the scabbard fittings. The 29 inch polished steel blade is a beauty, frosted etched panels on each side with polished steel highlights. There are a few very tiny nail catchers in the cutting edge, more felt with your finger than seen with your eye. The blade is straight and true with a small amount of scattered age spotting and staining. The brass guard and pommel are a little loose and show a deep brass patina, with a small split in the edge of the pommel cap, just below the shield decoration. Fishskin wrapped grip shows a couple of wear spots, single twisted wire binding is taut. The name J.Wyckoff Lyon is nicely engraved on the top of the guard next to the grip.

The scabbard brass fittings show a matching patina to the guard with a typically seen clean break in the leather body at the top of the drag. The scabbard leather body is otherwise sound but shows considerable surface scuffing as shown. The initials J.W.L. appear on the reverse of the scabbard throat fitting. Civil War era Navy officers swords are much more scarce than their Army counterparts, to find an identified example is a big plus.

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