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French, Franco-Prussian War Era, Garde Nationale Officers Tunic

Price:  $595.00
Item #38053

Original era manufacture. Double breasted dark blue wool tunic, with Republican buttons throughout, established after the abdication of Napoleon III in September of 1870.

Red wool piping down the front of the tunic and around the cuff, with a band of gold wire soutache above the cuff band. Red wool piping around the belt support, and on the tail of the tunic.

Full black cloth body lining with a quilted design, showing some age separation from age and wear. Red Moroccan leather waistband, and a black velvet lined collar.

Minor moth damage throughout, the worst of which is a repaired hole on the back of the collar. Very clean and presentable overall.  

After the twin disasters of the defeat at Sedan in September 1870, and the surrender of the French regular army at Metz in October, the newly formed French Republic, rallied its forces, creating Garde Mobile, and Garde Nationale battalions to continue the war against the German confederation. The end result was the establishment of a united Germany, and an armistice declared in February 1871.

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