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British Victorian Era, Pattern 1831 General Officers Sword & Knot, Personalised

Price:  $1,150.00
Item #38138

Original era manufacture. A very handsome example of a sword pattern adopted in 1831 to standardize swords worn by Royal Army General officers.

The sword is a Mameluke pattern weapon, favored by the Duke of Wellington, with a very clean polish to the surface, and measures 32 inches in length. On each side of the blade are etched designs to include a Queen's Crown, with Queen Victoria cypher, crossed sword and baton and other embellishments. On the obverse ricasso is a gothic letter L, and on the scabbard throat, another gothic L, no doubt the initial of the last name of the original owner. The blade is clean, with a high state of polish, with a very few spots of surface corrosion.

On the reverse ricasso, is the retailers name, Hamburger Rogers Co, Kings Street, Covent Garden, London. Research shows this company was in operation between 1840-1963.

The guard is nicely detailed of cast brass, with a brass reinforced hole in the pommel to allow the wire covered sword knot to pass through. On the langets can be seen the crossed sword and baton emblem for General rank officers. The grip is made of a natural material similar to bone, with no damage, and is secured by two rivets covered with a brass disc with star design.

The scabbard is of brass, with two carrying rings. After 1896 the service scabbard was made of brass plated steel. There are a few, very minor bumps in the surface of the scabbard, along with some scattered spots of patina. The portion of the knot which passes through the pommel shows considerable surface wear, however the remainder of the cording and knot are quite sound.

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