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Soviet WWII Red Star, Nr. 331899, Researched Award, Captain Red Army

Price:  $265.00
Item #42635

Original period manufacture. Deep red enamel on the obverse, with a dark silver patina finish to the reverse, serial numbered 331899, being within the date range of a late 1943, early 1944 award. Citation to Captain Georgy Yakovlevitch Yantchuk, HQ commander 557th Infantry Regiment, 16 October 1943.

I began collecting Soviet medals and awards around 1990, right after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, being quite taken by their beautiful construction and design. I remember thinking how unfortunate it was, that in spite of the awards being in most cases serial numbered, they were not researchable unless you had the record book, even then, it only provided the individuals name, and confirmed the serial numbers. When some minimal research became available around 1995, I was delighted to pay for whatever information could be obtained.

The research provided with this Red Star was purchased by me, through R&M International in Bellvue Washington in the late 1990's. It has been in my collection since that time, and now due to changing collecting interests, this nice Red Star needs to find a new home.  

Wear to the soldier, no enamel damage.

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