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US WWII USAAF Pilot Document Grouping

Price:  $145.00
Item #44237

Original era publications. A nice lot of documents pertaining to the service of Lieutenant Thomas G. Lienberger USAAF.

The grouping includes the following; Calling card, leather jacket name tag, soldier's individual pay record, Army song book with his name written at the bottom, Class 44-D USAAF Pilot Graduation card, Eagle Pass Texas, and a Log Book with entries from 1943-1944. The Log book lists his training flights while at Eagle Pass Army Air Field, flying a variety of training aircraft; PT-19a, BT-14, BT-15, AT-6, and Link trainer.

I did a search for him on Ancestry.com and found his WWII pension application, noting his discharge at Davis Monthan Field, Tucson Arizona in 1945. (copy included)

Other information noted was that he was born in 1922, and passed in 2002.

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