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British Crimea Medal Pair, Pte Alexander Ross, 2923, 93rd Highlanders, Wounded Sebastopol

Price:  $650.00
Item #42539

Original period manufacture. A Queens Crimea medal with regimentally impressed naming;  2923. Alexander. Ross. 93. Sutherland. Highlanders. The Sebastopol clasp is loose from the suspension but stitched to the bottom of the ribbon to keep it in place.  Turkish Crimea medal, Sardinian issue, which has been plugged and fitted with a Crimea style suspension, unnamed as issued. Both medals have old ribbons.

Private Alexander Ross was part of one of the drafts of men sent to the 93rd fighting in the Crimea, likely during the winter of 1854-55. On the 29th of July 1855, he was severely wounded in the trenches of Sebastopol. His name is mentioned on page 139, Historical Records of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders. The 93rd of course gained immortal fame as the "Thin Red Line" during the Battle of Balaclava, October 1854.

Private Ross continued his service with the 93rd during the India Mutiny, earning the medal and clasps for Lucknow, Defense of Lucknow. A faint notation in the medal rolls states "transferred to the 72nd". This medal is not included.

The medals come with copies of the medal rolls for the Crimea, and Mutiny. In addition, a certificate of research done by a UK firm in 1989.

Honest age and wear to both medals, excellent potential for further research, especially with the 72nd transfer.   

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