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German/Norwegian WWII K98 12.5 inch Cleaning Rod

Price:  $35.00
Item #29595

OK, these were part of our last shipment of stocks, slings and other K98 acessories from Norway. We presumed they were just a different style rod than the tapered end rods also in our shipment. That is, until a customer advised that these are Norwegian manufactured rods for the K98. We contacted our friend in Norway to ask him what's-what and were told that even there, the Norwegian guys aren't completely sure when, or who, made them. What we can tell you is this, these will fit your K98 rifle (if it takes the 12.5 inch, not 10 inch rod) they have the same little wedge inside the cut-out to hold the patch in place, they will screw together, end to end with the tapered rods and they have a similar age patina to them that the tapered rods have.  We cannot in good faith sell them as original WWII German manufacture, so will offer them for a lesser price. These are all unmarked, no serial numbers or waffenamts visible. 

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