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German WWII, Bulgarian Contract, One Piece Luftschutz Helmet

Price:  $245.00
Item #41709

Original era manufacture. A German made Luftschutz pattern, one-piece helmet which was painted a feldgrau color and fitted out with a Royal Bulgarian decal on the left side of the helmet.

Simple leather and oilcloth liner with a thin leather chinstrap. The liner shows considerable wear with two of the pads missing and the third remaining intact. Complete original chinstrap, with the exterior of the helmet shows typical age with a decent decal remaining.

The Kingdom of Bulgaria was a rather unwilling member of the Axis Powers, reluctantly declaring war on the UK and USA in 1941. It never declared war on the Soviet Union, and WWII ended for them in 1944, when over-run by the advancing Red Army .

Nonetheless, several Bulgarian cities suffered bombing raids by Allied forces during the war, including the capital Sofia.

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