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US WWII USMC Womans EM Winter Bell Crown Hat Identified

Price:  $155.00
Item #36548

Original period manufacture. Made of forest green wool for wear with the winter uniform. The back of the cap is tapered to a point and a red cord with tassels is attached to the visor of the hat. Each end of the cords is fastened to the hat by small darkened brass, embossed USMC buttons.

All ranks wore a darkened brass, screw back eagle, globe and anchor device in the center of the cap top. This hat was manufactured by Knox, with a size tag of 22 1/2, showing normal age and wear. 

Information on this hat can be found in Dressed for Duty Volume 1. This hat belonged to Mary M. Heisel who had a muster date of January 1944 as a Private.

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