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German WWII M30/38 Gasmask & Cannister Set, Matching

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $225.00
Item #36281

Original era manufacture. Standard pattern canister retaining a set of unbroken, shoulder and short belt attaching straps. Hand painted white 42 at the top, with the original owners initials, FP, being painted inside the lid. The number 42 is also painted on the snout of the gasmask, and the name PORLEIN/42 is written in ink on the cloth neck strap. There is a set of replacement eyepiece lenses in the top pocket, but the cleaning cloth and retention spring are missing. Overall its a very sound example with minimal denting and paint loss to the canister.

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