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German WWI Medal & Document Lot, Cased, IR 234

Price:  $550.00
Item #36756

Original era manufacture. This is a very nice commercially produced cased set of awards to a German soldier who served in IR 234 during WWI.

The case measures 6.5x9x.75 inches, of a pressed gray cover embossed with the profile of a steel helmet, with the dates 1914-1918 below. Inside, on the right side is a black velvet pad upon which the medals could be pinned, on the left side, a yellowed plastic frame for documents, with additional document storage space underneath the frame, accessed by lifting up a small tab.

The documents included are German Feld-Ehren-Zeichen star, Hindenburg Cross 1935, EK 2 document dated 1916, and a Black Wound badge dated 1936. All are named to Dr Hugo Lowenstein.

The matching awards are included and are in very sound condition. An excellent set with good research potential, recently acquired direct from Germany.

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