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French 2nd Empire, Hussar Sabretasche & Belt

Price:  $295.00
Item #44424

Original era manufacture. I am of two minds regarding this magnificent set; on the one hand, it is wonderfully made, heavy red leather, with the belt, sword straps and inside pocket of the Sabretasche lined in red fabric. On the flap is a stamped brass Imperial eagle, and the interlocking snake buckle is real joy, excellent detail and works like a charm.

What puts me off about the set is the apparent newness of the leather, this is not to say it is anything of recent manufacture, but I feel certainly not of ancient age.

It may have been produced prior to WWI, when Europe was swept with a re-enacting craze regarding the Napoleonic wars, or, perhaps done with a theatrical use in mind. I lean more towards the centennial of the Napoleonic age due to the quality of manufacture and attention to detail the belt & pouch exhibit.      

In any case the rig represents a fantastic display piece, and if I am off my mark, and the set is truly of the era...well, it's a great buy.

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