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US WWII M3 Smooth Grip Knife, USN Used M6 Scabbard

Price:  $395.00
Item #34823

Original era manufacture. US WWII private purchase M3 style fighting knife with an original M6 pattern leather scabbard. Inscribed into the body of the scabbard is the name Harold C. Winkel 869-45-31 U.S.N.. Using the research website Fold3, we found F1/c H.C.Winkel (same service number) as assigned to the USS LCI (L) 682, in May of 1944, and again on the same ship, but this time as a MOMM3/C in July of 1945. The knife is similar to the classic M3, but has a smooth stacked leather grip, and is devoid of any markings whatsoever. The blade has been cleaned bright, and likely had a blue or parkerized finish at one time. In Cole's Book III, US Military Knives, he discusses this pattern of knife on page 102. There he states that these unmarked knives with smooth grips were sold in surplus or hardware stores in the US during WWII. The M6 pattern sheath is also interesting in that a makers marking, or perhaps a US proof, was marked out just below the throat staples using a leather star punch tool. Quite sound overall, but shows typical age and wear. Good research potential.     

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