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US Pre WWI, M1910 Bolo Knife, Springfield 1911

Price:  $250.00
Item #43230

Original era manufacture. A pre-war design, with a lock mechanism on the guard, and with a bright finished blade. The blade ricasso displays the serial number 5536, 1911 date, and maker marked SA (Springfield Arsenal). It shows service use and wear, with scattered spotting and staining to the surface, lightly sharpened, with a slightly rounded point.

Green canvas covered wood bodied scabbard, with unit stenciling on the reverse, 17 H 3. The canvas cover displays wear and use, matching the condition of the knife, with a small tear in the fabric on the leading edge of the canvas body. The scabbard throat has been soldier modified, by having the locking stud removed to make the weapon easier to draw in time of need.

Overall this example is one that quite probably saw the elephant during WWI.    

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